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  • April 2021

    I spontaneously joined my friend Ramon to work two weeks from the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Two hours of surfing in the morning, a few hours of work, and another two hours of surfing before sunset. How cool is that?! I have to say though, working for more than four hours per day on your computer in a nice place like this is hard. But hey not complaining here.

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  • December 2020

    While working with metal recently I was amazed by how the metal tube that I'd just cut was magentically attracting small metal particles. Perfect timing one day before the first snow arrived.

  • November 2020

    What will office furniture look like in the future? When work happens even more digitally, displays, keyboards and mice are not needed anymore due to AR, VR and maybe even Holograms. New interactions with the digital space could allow for more movement, even require it, to make digital work more physical again. Maybe optional though.

  • July 2020

    Just finished this clothing ladder with Nicki. It features four steps to hang clothing over and two overhangs to hang things from. A simple solution to the old problem of where to put clothes that are neither fresh anymore nor dirty yet.

  • June 2020

    A little snippet from my recent photography project highlighting the shapes and textures of industrially produced food.

  • April 2020

    Being in a new city is not the most exciting at the moment. Being forced to work at home, and basically not meeting people really sucks when your best friends live on the other side of the country. However working from home certainly has its benefits. It's less noisy when you want to focus and the good old siesta has made a return into my daily routine. Also I'm spending a lot of time in the saddle and enjoying the views from the vineyards of Lavaux.

  • February 2020

    I'm working with metal for the first time. I thought it would be super difficult, turns out I really enjoy it, especially bending it into the desired shapes. It must be said though that I also have all the necessary tools available at the écal workshop.

  • December 2019

    I recently moved from Zurich to Lausanne. I really like it here, it's a beautiful region and I enjoy experiencing this different swiss culture. At the same time being away from Zurich made me aware of all the little details I really like and miss about it. The biggest one? Smooth pavement and level streets to speed through the city with my road cycle. Photo by Nicki Antognini.

  • November 2019

    In this weeks workshop at écal we had the chance to work with two glass artists/craftsmen. It's crazy to work with this 1000+ degrees hot substance. In this experiment I pushed metal bars into the hot glass to deform it. Did you know that you can quickly touch hot glass with your finger? The moisture on your skin evaporates so fast that it immediatly cools down a small area of the glass.

  • August 2019

    At the beginning of September I will move from Zurich to Lausanne and start studying Industrial Design at ECAL. After working a lot in the office in the last few months I felt the urge to get out of the city and relax a bit before I start a new chapter. So a good friend and I took the train to Ticino, the italian part of Switzerland, and hiked up to a mountain hut to stay overnight. The next morning we more or less climbed up a summit and said good morning to a few capricorns. Before going home to Zurich we took a swim at the beautiful cliff site of Ponte Brolla in the Maggia valley.

  • July 2019

    After my foray into independent work I decided to search for a regular job again. This gives me more security to earn money before I start studying at the end of summer. As luck would have it, the web agency Station where I worked a few years ago was searching for a Frontend Developer. It was special and nice to start working with these people in that office again. And it brought me right back into the habit of spending lunchtime at the river with my coworkers. Quality time!

  • April 2019

    Instead of working for an agency I decided to work independently. As I'm just starting off I don't have my own office space. So I work from home, in cafes, in libraries, outdoors, or like today at some friendly friends office. Thanks Ramon and Marc from the digital design agency Unknown to let me work in their beautiful office right at the Limmat in Baden.

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  • March 2019

    This weekend I went to see Elder Island live in concert here in Zurich. The venue at the Exil is perfect for this kind of band. Small and intimate. The Bristol-based collective's music is atmospheric and deep yet can suddenly change to a very upbeat and dancy tone. Next to sizzling synths you hear the lead singer Katy's otherworldly voice and sometimes even traditional instruments like the violin. One of the best concerts I went to lately.

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  • February 2019

    This week it was that time of the year when my friends and I go on our winter holidays. It's always one of the yearly highlights. Around 10 friends living in a large apartment as one big family in the swiss mountains. A view of multiple peaks over 4000 metres high, snow and snowboard ready at the front door. It was again a reminder for what kind of experiences I'm working for.

  • December 2018

    As part of my civilian service (the army's not my thing), I'm working for 6 weeks on a farm in the french part of Switzerland. Helping the farmer with his daily cow work and aiding in the construction of a new barn. I grew up on a farm so this was kind of going back to my roots. It's a great experience to bring some distance between me and the computer screen, to do physical work outdoors, even though the snow tells you the temperature's story. Improving my french is a nice side effect.

  • Website Edition Three
  • October 2018

    I haven't been on my skateboard for quite some time. After surfing in Costa Rica and Panama this summer the wavy curves of this concrete paradise in Zürich are well appreciated.