Modular & Movable Bench
  • Date
    November 2020
  • Location
  • Context
    Écal BA Industrial Design
  • Role
    Object Design
    Prototype Build
  • Professor
    Nicholai Wiig Hansen
  • Collaborators
    Laure Wasser
    Alexandre Desarzens
This bench was designed and built during a week-long workshop at écal. The projects are a tribute to the lately deceased italian designer Enzo Mari. In the spirit of his Autoprogettazione designs we students designed outdoor furniture that can be built by everyone. To support the DIY build, we published a build manual.

All kinds of different outdoor furniture was designed for the school yard.

Our bench uses wooden beams directly as benchtops and offers different heights to sit down.

Individual bench modules can be pivoted to form different layouts.

The wood elements are just stacked. The only thing you need to remove to change the bench heights are the tables that are attached with one screw to the base.

The hubs where the benches meet form a small table to put down food or drinks

Download the construction manual here.