Minimalist Connoisseur
  • Date
    September 2019
  • Location
  • Context
    Écal BA Industrial Design
  • Role
    Object Design
    Prototype Build
  • Professor
    Christophe Guberan
This basket resulted out of my research into the material cork. It holds four wine bottles. The basket makes it easier to carry the bottles from the wine storage to the living space. Until they are enjoyed it acts as a bottle holder to showcase the selection.

This basket is the result of my research into the material cork.

It's a resource with incredible characteristics.

Fully sustainable and renewable, lightweight, elastic, waterproof, fire proof, rot proof, thermally and acoustically insulating.

Production of wine bottle stoppers is the biggest industry using cork.

The grip can be replaced by using the elastic nature of cork

The handle can be attached or removed without tools. For easier shipping.

A soft hull for the fragile glass. A showcase for the latest wine selection.

A satisfying soft sound when you put it down.