We are not built to sit
  • Date
    January 2019
  • Location
  • Context
    Personal project
  • Role
    Object Design
    Prototype Build
Trigger for the project: I needed a desk. Even though I'm still young I already feel the unhealthy impact sitting all day at work has on my body. So it was clear from the start that it should be a standing desk. The desk is wide and narrow allowing to spread your work out sideways but not allow for clutter behind. However there is a small movable shelf hanging above the tabletop to keep essential tools within reach.

The desk has only two legs and leans against the wall.

Small mockups helped me to quickly try out different constructions.

The shelf gives you enough space for the essentials, no clutter however.

You can move the shelf left and right to make space for a screen or a lamp for example.

As I had no know-how in 3d software yet, figuring out the angles in the construction was hard.

Working outside in the old barn during winter. It was damn cold.

The frame of the table offers many ways to attach or hang items.